HP College of Education
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Principal's Message

Principal Message

“We are passionate about teaching and learning and inspiring our students to believe in themselves and be proud of whom they are and their achievements.”
As men & women, we all owe a duty towards the society and to all that comprises good Education. Education is a means to the fulfillment of that duty. Education is a companion, whom no misfortune can depress, no crime destroys, no enemy alienates, no despotism enslave. It is a mission to inculcate good values in the students.

At home Education is a friend, in solitude a solace, and in society a light that dispels darkness and brightens humanity to all eternity. A teacher plays a very significant role in providing good Education. A teacher of strong moral character and well aware of modern techniques of teaching skills and capable of using them to his students is able to influence the personality and character of his students. A successful teacher help the students to learn resilience and build self confidence thus, the process of Education revolves around the teacher and taught in the society.

H P College of Education is one of the leading Institutions of the region situated at Airport Road Totu, Shimla-11. College is fully equipped with infrastructure providing all facilities to the trainees and staff. We have an efficient and committed faculty team, enriched infrastructural facility, well-furnished class-rooms, common hall, well equipped library and laboratories for various subjects. We also provide buses to the trainees and staff. Our well experienced and hard working faculty makes this college an Institution with a difference among the other Institutions of teacher Education in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

I am confident that this Institution will help in developing personality of quality teachers which in turn will prove an asset to the society and to the nation as well.

Dr. Ranu Thakur.

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